Hello!  Welcome to the 2014-2015 session of the Robots 2 Doss club!

Our goal is to use the Lego Mindstorms kit developed by Lego and National Instruments to teach 4th and 5th grade Doss kids how to build and program robots.  In the process we plan to have a lot of fun and hopefully also generate interest in science, math, and engineering.

The 2014-2015 Robots 2 Doss co-chairs are:

▪   Jennifer Childress    [email protected]

▪   Brett Childress         [email protected]

Right now the date for our first club meeting is Wednesday September 24th from 3-4pm in the Doss Elementary computer lab.  Kits are not required for this first session.  Also, parents are welcome but *not* required for our first session.  During the year we will meet Wednesdays at 3pm for an hour.

To participate, the child will need a Lego Mindstorms NXT kit.  Kits are generally around $350.  The Lego Store at Barton Creek Square tells me that they are usually in store for pickup.

Although the kit is a little expensive, the Robots 2 Doss club is always free and the kit will be yours to keep once the club is done.