Instructions for the next four weeks

Hello –

The kids that were there last Wednesday should already know all this, but just in case someone forgot or missed here is the information.

For the next four weeks we will be building and testing robot “sumo wrestlers”.

The robots will compete in a circle that is defined by a black line on the ground.  The robots will have starting positions within the circle.

Once the contest starts, the object is to force/push your contestant out of the circle while staying in the circle yourself.

The first robot completely out of the circle is the loser of that round.  The winner will record a point.

If the contest lasts one minute with neither robot leaving the circle, it will be considered a draw and no points will be awarded.

So, there are two major considerations for a sumo wrestler robot:

1.  It must be able to see the circle and know how to stay within it.

2. It must have some method of trying to get its opponent out of the ring.

I know that we will have fun and learn a lot along the way.  I’ve never done this contest with any previous groups and I am looking forward to it.

— Brett

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