Last Robot Club Session This Week (20 May 2015)

The school year has really flow by!  This week will be our last Robots2Doss Robot club session for the 2014-2015 school year.
For our last session, we will be having a robotic talent show that the kids have been preparing for.  They will vote for the winner.  It should be fun!
I will also be handing our certificates and cupcakes (the kids are usually more interested in the cupcakes).
It’s been a real pleasure working with your kids this year.  They are a very creative bunch and it’s clear how excited they are about robotics!  I hope that you will continue to encourage them down the path of science and engineering as they progress through school.
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No club on 22 APRIL 2015

We will resume next Wednesday.

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Robot Club CANCELLED 01 APRIL 2015

Hello -
I was just informed by Doss that the computer lab will be unavailable for us tomorrow due to STAAR exam testing.
We will resume Robot Club next Wednesday.  I apologize for such late notice, but I was not aware we would not have access to the computers tomorrow.
– Brett​
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Instructions for 25 MAR 2015

All that’s needed for today is your “Brick” (the main computer part of the kit). We will begin learning about math and logical operations.

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Instructions for the next four weeks

Hello –

The kids that were there last Wednesday should already know all this, but just in case someone forgot or missed here is the information.

For the next four weeks we will be building and testing robot “sumo wrestlers”.

The robots will compete in a circle that is defined by a black line on the ground.  The robots will have starting positions within the circle.

Once the contest starts, the object is to force/push your contestant out of the circle while staying in the circle yourself.

The first robot completely out of the circle is the loser of that round.  The winner will record a point.

If the contest lasts one minute with neither robot leaving the circle, it will be considered a draw and no points will be awarded.

So, there are two major considerations for a sumo wrestler robot:

1.  It must be able to see the circle and know how to stay within it.

2. It must have some method of trying to get its opponent out of the ring.

I know that we will have fun and learn a lot along the way.  I’ve never done this contest with any previous groups and I am looking forward to it.

— Brett

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Instructions for 4 FEB 2015

Hello –

I must have gotten distracted by the SuperBowl this weekend and did not send out an email for this week.

The kids can bring the robot they used last week or any robot they’d like.  I can help them with programming or they can use the time to build robots.

I will bring the board that we used in last week’s contest if anyone would like to have another try at climbing it.

We will spend some of the time talking about our next contest also:  A robotic sumo wrestling contest!

Thanks and sorry for the late email.

— Brett

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Robot Club CANCELLED 14 JAN 2015

Hi All –

I was selected for jury duty today and the judge has told us to expect the case to last all week.  Not exactly the way I was hoping to spend my week.

Accordingly, I will have to cancel robot club for this week.

The kids should already know what we are building since we discussed it during our last session.  The should be building their entry for our first contest.  Our first contest will be to see whose robot can climb the steepest incline.  We will use a pine board with a start and finish line.  We will keep making the board steeper until only one robot can climb it.

We will test their designs when we get back together next week so that they can test and make adjustments.  Our actual contest will then be the following week.

Please email if you have questions.


– Brett

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Yes – We will have Robot Club on 7 JAN 2015

​Hello –

I hope everyone had great holidays!  I know that I’m still struggling to get back into the swing of work and school — so I apologize I just now remembered our club weekly email.

The kids can bring whatever robot they currently have built or they can use our club time together to build a new robot.  I’ll be there to help with any programming questions they have during our time together.

I will also have some videos about robots to show to help generate some ideas about what they can do in our club and beyond in the real world as scientists and engineers.

We will also begin discussing our first official contest which we will do over the next two weeks.

Again, sorry for the late email.  Hope to see you at club tomorrow!


– Brett

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The Next Five Weeks

We are rounding out December and heading into the holidays, so here is what our upcoming Wednesdays look like:

10 DEC 2014

Just bring the same robot (5-minute bot) plus bring the touch sensor and a wire.  There is a picture of the touch sensor at the bottom of this post if you are not sure which one that is.

17 DEC 2014

I’ve told the kids they can have a “Free Day”.  This means they can build or bring any robot that they’d like to bring.  Our time together has to be focused on building, programming, or using robots.

24 DEC 2014

No club due to Holiday Break.  Happy Holidays!

31 DEC 2014

No club due to Holiday Break.  Happy Holidays!

07 JAN 2015

Happy New Year!  Club resumes.


– Brett


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3 DEC 2014 — I will be at robot club

​I really apologize for not getting an email out this week.

I will be at club today for kids that want to come.  They are fine bringing any robot including the one we last used (5-minute bot plus color sensor).  I have additional exercises they can do if they’d like.

We will probably have less fifth graders today due to play rehearsal.

See you today.  Sorry for any confusion.

– Brett

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